iTypeMusic 1.1

Piano synthesizer and Karaoke that let you play songs typing on the keyboard (See all)
Intelecom Systems Incorporated

iTypeMusic is a brilliant new software program that gives anybody who can type, the ability to play music by simply following letters appearing on the computer monitor and typing them. It simply transposes musical notes into letters. iTypeMusic also turns your computer into a full music recording studio, including 128 musical instruments, a Karaoke machine, and the most powerful typing teaching program ever designed. Imagine learning how to type while playing your favorite songs on the computer even if you've never played an instrument in your life. In the PRO version, the purchaser receives 50 professionally engineered songs from, where they can choose from a selection of over 12,000 of your favorite songs. If purchased individually, these songs would cost $75.00. Also, you will receive the upgrade to the full karaoke panel, and the complete typing teaching program, which allows the user to change the keyboard layout, thereby being able to practice all the different keys, with the same song.

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